Yoga Clothes – The Best Yoga Clothes Brands

Yoga Clothes – The Best Yoga Clothes Brands

You research the labels on the internet. You can find a list of brands that are doing well. You don’t know if their yoga clothing stays put or if you can trust what they say.

I spend 29 hours researching brands that make yoga clothes that perform well and are also green.

You can read more about how I research the list at the end of the article.

#1. Product description listed eco-friendly material

certification that backs up their claims.

Climate neutral is a 3rd party certification.

One thing to remember. There is a long way to go towards sustainable wear. Blending a small amount of spandex or Elasthane is what most yoga clothes are made out of.

You don’t want to see plastic in the ocean. Pick up the microfiber bag as soon as you can.

There are ethical and sustainable brands to shop for.

Organic Basics

  • Based in Denmark
  • Certified: B Corp, 1% for the planet
  • Price range (USD): Top: $60-80, Bottom $80-$100
  • Size range: XS-XL

Organic Basics is an eco-friendly brand that focuses sustainable practice in everything they do. Responsible fabrics can be used to practice sustainable production.

You can see in the product description which factory made it if you browse their shop online.

The silver tech yoga legging is made from recycled nylon and 4% elastane and it feels comfortable and lasts long. It can go with you wherever you go.

The yoga wear is organic. Photo organic.

Eco-friendly materials

They look for the most responsible material. 70% of the material they use is plant based and 30% is recycled.

  • GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • GRS certified nylon, make from pre-consume textile waste.
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell, plant-based fibers that are biodegradable.
  • Bluesign® approved permanent fabric.
  • Recycle wool.
  • They worked with trusted and certified factory partners. Like GRS, Oeko Tek Standard 100.
  • Use renewable energy in its supply chain
  • Recycle offcut textiles to reduce fabric waste
  • The company is taking action to reduce emissions.
  • WWF, Amazon Watch, Rewilding Europe, and Green Kayak are environmental activists.
  • A portion of the profit was donated to the environment.
  • Based in the US
  • Size range: Size-inclusive from XXS–6XL
  • Price range (USD): Bottom $68; Top from $38

The Girlfriend Collective is a great place to find sustainable activewear. They have a variety of size and color. It’s nice to know that when you shop for legging, you can help divert 25 water bottles from landfills.

The plastic waste is recycled. Then it goes through a dying process. It was cut and sewn in a factory in Vietnam.

They have a program called Close the loop that makes them stand out from the crowd. They turn your girlfriend’s item into new clothes. Only in the US at the moment.

The most popular leggings are made of recycled RPET blend and spandex. The material is not spandex.

Eco-friendly materials

  • Some of the products are made from recycled bottles. ECONYL, cupro, and organic cotton are also included.
  • Recycled fabric is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex
  • Reuse offcut materials
  • Wastewater is cleaned before it is released.
  • Factory in Taiwan are certified by the government
  • The factory is SA8000 certified. Fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, no child labor ethical yoga clothing, and forced labor are guaranteed by this. Free lunch and dinner is given to workers.
  • Packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.
  • The old GirlFriend pieces can be recycled to new ones.

In 2020, they will donate 100% of the net profits from their socks and underwear launch to organizations that serve Black communities.


  • Based in Canada
  • Price range: Top: $45; legging $58-68$
  • Size range: XS-XXL

The idea behind the name is simple, you purchase one item and they plant ten trees. Ten tree gives money to organizations that plant trees. Over 61 million trees have been planted through the program and they have a goal of 1 billion trees by the year 2030.

Tentree planted more than 61 million trees

If you use the tracking code when purchasing a product, you can find out where your tree has been planted.

One of the most sustainable fabrics is used by Tentree to make comfortable wear such as TENCEL. Similar to another brand, their leggings are made of recycled material.

Eco-friendly materials

  • TENCEL are FSC certified
  • Recycled polyester made from single-use plastic bottles
  • Organic cotton sustainable fabric
  • There is a high standard of ethical labor rights factories.
  • The company Code of Conduct ensures that workers have a living wage, a safe working place, no child labor and no forced labor.
  • The fabric is produced in a closed-loop process.
  • Tentree is Climate Neutral Certified brands.
  • They use renewable energy.
  • The impact of tree planting projects is easy to see. These trees help improve the environment and provide jobs for people around the world.
  • The Great Bear Rainforest and India Solar Project are supported.
  • Based in the US
  • Certified B Corp, Climate Neutral
  • Price range: Top 54-59$; Bottom 89-119$
  • Size inclusive: XXS to 3X

A premium apparel brand creates versatile performance clothes that empower females on an active lifestyle. One of the best yoga leggings on the market is available in 3X. The collection is designed to move your body from inside to outside.

The company set goals and tracked their progress after being certified B Corp. The goal is to recycle 80% of fabrics by 2020.

Athleta goals toward sustainable

Eco-friendly Materials

  • The TENCEL Lyocell and organic cotton are recycled.
  • Use efficient fabric dyeing and finishing techniques.
  • Waste from shipping packages has been diverted.
  • Through P.A.C.E. and Fair Trade U.S.A., the brands empower women workers.
  • Based in the US
  • Certificated: Climate Neutral, 1% for the planet
  • Price range: Top 28-55$; Bottom 38-84$
  • Size range: XS-XL

The kind of yoga wear that is good quality but also moves with you. You can wear the items in a variety of ways.

They also do good by making high-quality activewear from post-consumer recycled. Purchases help remove waste from the ocean.

Sexy legging made from sustainable recycled plastic bottles

Eco-friendly materials

  • OEKO-Tex certified recycled PET fabric is used for the garments. Post-consumer water bottles can be recycled. Their fabric is from trees.
  • Using non-toxic dyes in the dying process.
  • WCA certified their Chinese partner. It means no child labor, abuse labor, or living wages.
  • It is carbon neutral. They work with Climate Neutral to address their carbon footprints.
  • The pieces are tied with twine. The mailer is 100% recycled.
  • Small patches collection is not good for fast fashion.
  • Donate to 1% for the Planet
  • They work with One Earth to collect plastic.
  • Based in Australia
  • Certified: 1% for the planet
  • Price range: Top 43$-50$; Bottom 43$ – 74$
  • Size range: XS to XL

Boody green makes premium-quality clothes for both men and women. They use organic bamboo as their go-to fabric because it is fast-growing and uses less water and toxic chemical in production.

Boody clothes is designed to last. Boody’s versatile pieces deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Boody leggings are made of bamboo. The company tries to use bamboo that is FSC, Ecocert, and certified.

Boody bamboo legging, Photo: Boody

Eco-friendly materials

  • Ecocert means that bamboo is grown organically.
  • Natural habitat loss is not caused by bamboo usage.
  • There are no harmful chemicals found in fabrics.
  • Animals are not used in production.
  • Organic cotton
  • They use a closed-loop system to get rid of water and waste.
  • A low waste cutting technique can be used.
  • The Code of Conduct states that yoga clothing is not related to child labor. Fair wages and safe working conditions are offered to workers.
  • It uses a closed-loop system in its supply chain.
  • Recycled packaging materials and plant-based ink.
  • Boody donates a portion of their profits to charity.
  • Based in Australia
  • Price range: Top 30$-60$; Bottom 50$ – 90$
  • Size range: XS to XXL

The goal is to bring to life sustainable fabrics that look good and do good.

The prints are made from recycled material.

Dharma bums unique design

Eco-friendly materials

  • Bluesign is OEKO-TEX certified and you can use it.
  • The cotton feels like silk.
  • The model is made from sustainable beechwood.
  • The fabrics are made from recycled P.E.T water bottles.
  • They have a code of conduct that ensures pay a living wage.
  • It is possible to reuse fabric to make bags.
  • The bags are made from plants. It is non-biodegenerative.
  • Use eco-friendly printing process and dyes
  • There is an efficient way of handling water and waste.
  • Support Thread Together, a non-profit organization that helps Australians in need.
  • Based in the UK
  • Price range: Top 43$-50$; Bottom 43$ – 74$
  • Size range: XS to XL

The brand aims to make on-trend pieces from upcycling and recycled materials. Their leggings are flattering, perform well, don’t cost the earth, and do not break the bank. TALA stuff is very popular.

The majority of its yoga clothes are made from recycled nylon and spandex, which we can’t get from 100% recycled. TALA’s tags are filled with seeds, so you can put them in the soil and leave it to grow.

Eco-friendly materials

  • The company uses a lot of recycled materials.
  • Their main fabric is a upcycle and sustainable material.
  • Recover® recycled cotton is one of the recycled fabrics.
  • Lyocell is an eco-friendly material made from woodpulp.
  • The workers have a standard of living.
  • Factory in Turkey, meet all BSCI requirements
  • Factories in China are BSCI or WRAP certified.
  • There is a medium risk of labor abuse in Portugal and they are audited by SEDEX to make sure the standard of ethical labor, safe environment.
  • The bags are made out of recycled plastic.
  • Based in Australia
  • Price range: Top 49$-69$; Bottom 89$
  • Size range: XXS to XXL

Eco-conscious yoga and swimwear brand produce leggings and bras. The design was cut, sewn, and dyed in Indonesia.

There is a mix of organic cotton, Tencel, Econyl and spandex. The Ananda leggings are made from organic cotton. The pants are made from a type of fabric.

If you like yoga clothes that are comfortable, multi-use, and beautiful, this brand is worth a look.

Indigo Luna Indo pants. Photo Indio Luna

Eco-friendly materials

  • Use recycle nylon waste.
  • Using 100% plant-based dying such as Indigo Leaves, Mango Leaves, Indian Almond leaves.
  • Natural dyes without harmful chemicals can be found in Econyl, a material that uses plastic waste.
  • Recycle packaging

How do I research ethical and sustainable activewear?

There is no such thing as a 100% sustainable fabric. To build this list, there are certain things that I am looking for.

The yoga wear leaves a less environmental footprint.

Eco-friendly materials

Eco-friendly fabrics include organic cotton, bamboo, Lyocell, and Econyle.

Where the material comes from. Bluesign is a textile certification.

Use plant-based dyes. Do they use hazardous chemicals?

Sustainable practices

Saving water and waste is important. The close loop system is nice.

Fairtrade, ISO-14001, WRAP, Certified B Corp, SA8000.

#7. Supply chain detail transparency (factory info)

#8. Sustainable packaging

#9. Carbon-neutral products and shipping.

It was made to last.

Giving back

Donate, plant trees, use recycle material.

The 3rd party certification

  • B Corp certification shows the company’s environmental performance. It distinguishes the company that is doing good but also good in marketing.
  • Donate 1% of the gross profit to environmental causes.
  • Climate Neutral measure brands that are carbon neutral
  • For a quick look at the brand rating, good on you rating website. Most of the information on this website is from the brand websites.
  • A website appraises a fashion brand, then seals it with a re-certification.
  • There is a place to search for sustainable certification.

If you use a laundry bag, you will be able to capture your microfibers, which are still shred into the water.

I hope that the article inspired you to try a new brand of yoga clothes or reminded you that it is worth the investment. If you don’t want your clothing to be free from harsh chemicals, then it should be as close as possible. You can treat yourself to one of the sustainable clothes today.

There are some great options for the best yoga brands as well as those who are looking for non-toxic yoga mats.

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