The Best International SIM Cards for Travelling

The Best International SIM Cards for Travelling

It’s a pain in the butt to have a sim card. You have to do the same thing every time you land. First, you land in the airport, and then you have to pay for a sim card at the airport or navigate to town without internet. You have to navigate a foreign city and get lost along the way when you are in town. You may end up getting tricked anyway. Ask Israel or India. You can buy an international sim card there. There are cheaper travel sim cards, but they still aren’t cheap. Nine times out of ten, a local sim card is the cheaper option. Maybe it is not you. You might be a digital nomad who needs to be connected. Maybe you are a high-flying businessperson who makes business calls while on holiday. This is the best international sim cards on the market. We did the research and did the leg-work to deliver an international sim cards review. You can get back to work.

You have no excuse to not call her.

What is an International SIM Card?

When you don’t want to leave the guesthouse, you can still get a pizza with a rose by any name. That is an international sim card. A card that will allow you to be connected anywhere.

Why did you put ‘anywhere’ in quotes?

It is a highly variable area. The international sim covers a lot of countries. Some of the travel sim providers cover hundreds of countries.

There are only 195 countries in the world so I am not sure how they came up with those numbers.

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So, how does an international SIM card work?

An international sim card is not programmed to one network. It is programmed to operate on a number of networks in a number of different locations.

To use your cell phone internationally, you need a travel sim card.

Many phones are compatible. Not tied to a provider.

When you travel to a foreign country, your international sim will connect to a local network from there.

Basically you with an international SIM card.

That is why coverage varies so much. Sim cards can be used for worldwide use. A third of Europe is not included in the coverage of some Sim cards for roaming in Asia, the USA, or Asia.

Who benefits from buying an international SIM card?

Not much of the longterm backpacker types are there. For long stays in any country, a local sim card is always cheaper and more reliable than a foreign card. cheap international sim cards don’t exist yet

Country-hoppers may want to consider buying a pre-paid international phone card. Buying a local sim for only 1-2 weeks of use is not fun.

The digital nomad lifestyle may benefit from a travel sim. Sometimes the options or service is bad and sometimes you will spend long stretches in transit which is a perfect time to crunch out some time. There isn’t a rule that says you can’t have two phones. More about that later, but a pre-paid international sim card is the best option here.

Why yes, I am conducting some serious business!

Business people and people that take frequent short trips will benefit from a sim card. I think that these people are less concerned with the costs associated. It is possible to park your sim card after a trip and then use it for the next trip.

The future of the card is here. A new country, a new contract, and a piece of plastic. You can buy an eSIM. You buy an eSIM, then download it, and voila! It is very easy. Is your phone ready? If you want to know how e-Sims work, click below to see one of the top providers on the market.

The Best International SIM Cards Quick Look

This isn’t the whole list, but my pick of the best international sim cards that are worth looking into.

The Best SIM Cards for International Travellers

The top international sim cards are the ones that do everything a sim card should do. For most travellers in the world, these sims are more than enough.

It’s always a best-of-the-best. The best travel sim card is here.

The best international sim card.

What makes OneSim the best travel card? It is a fine difference between the first few candidates, but OneSim is the winner for a number of reasons.

They offer a variety of different sim cards for different travelling needs.

  • 150 countries with free incoming calls on EU numbers are covered by OneSimCard e-Sim World.

There are free incoming calls on EU numbers for 150 countries. The OneSimCard e-Sim Asiana is specially designed for Asia.

OneSim also offer great deals on plastic sims if your phone is not yet ready.

  • OneSimCard Universal has coverage of over 200 countries, but only a limited data service in more than 50 countries.

There is a more limited data service for over 200 countries. The OneSimCard is the same as the OneSim Universal travel sim but with more data coverage. The explorers have a choice.

So, given that…

How it Works

You will get a $10 bonus credit with every OneSIM purchase, but once that is gone, you have to buy credit. You need to check these rates to see if they suit you, as the rates vary wildly by the country you are in and the travel sim card you are using.

You can choose between a European number and one from the USA, UK, Australia or Canada. In a large coverage of countries, incoming calls are free on the primary European number. Texts are free and outgoing calls start at 0.25/min.

The casual data rates are quite high. There is a lot of choices to lower your costs, which is why this is such a good card. You can buy data bundles in a variety of lengths. There are bundle plans and discount plans available. The OneSIM is one of the best international cards for data.

So, is it worth it?

Although not strictly the cheapest international sim card on the market, the wealth of choices means that you can tailor your sim card to your world travel needs and reduce costs OneSim knows the market well because they have been kicking around for a while.

A bunch of neat extras, as well as a reliable service, are provided by them. OneSIM is one of the best sims for international travel.

#2 A Cheaper International SIM Card – TravelSim

TravelSim gets a recommendation. It doesn’t have the reputation of OneSim, but it does work out as a cheap international card. I like that there isn’t a lot of options to choose from.

How it Works

The $10 initial fee is already cheaper.

The rates will be worse if you buy credit for a pay-as-you-go international sim card setup. If you want better rates, you should purchase one of their regional bundles.

The competition was close in this regard. A number of their bundles are cheaper than their competitors. It’s enough to make some savings in the long run. Outside of that, their rates are pretty much the same as OneSim.

So, is it worth it?

It is a cheap international travel card. TravelSim may be the better choice for those who enjoy the adventures in lesser explored places but still need to stay connected. Extra savings are nice, but the coverage is not as wide as other competitors.

There is a Vietnam-specific bundle that is really good. I think that this is the best international sim card for travelling to Vietnam.

GoSim has a list of the best sim cards for travelling.

GoSim and OneSim both offer a selection of different international sim cards for travel to allow you to be a bit more careful with your rates. They all cost the same $17, but GoSim divides this up more so.

GoSims travel SIM cards include:

  • International SIM Card
  • Europe SIM Card
  • USA SIM Card
  • Asia SIM Card

This is a guide to the best international sim cards, and you can expect some bonuses and cheaper rates.

How it Works

There are only 195 countries in the world, but with the GoSim International sim card, you can get coverage in over 200. The rates are the same as OneSim. The coverage for data services is similar to OneSim.

How do the bundles stack up? They are more expensive all the time.

So, is it worth it?

The other sim cards on this list are better. It is the most expensive entry in regards to data bundles. This might not be the best international card for data.

While their international card is not the best travel card on the market, it is worth taking a look at their region specific roaming cards. Extra perks are available if you travel to a specific area.

The Asia Travel sim card advertises that it can be used to circumvent the Great Firewall of China. This is the best sim card for travelling to China.

#4 A Worldwide SIM Card – WorldSIM

WorldSIM gets a mention on this list because it is one of the best deals in the market. Some of the outlying rates are really high. We don’t think it’s a good fit for the best sim card for international roaming

How it Works

The WorldSIM international card has no purchase fee. It requires a top-up of credit at the time of purchase.

You have to pay at least $27 plus shipping. Shipping is free for $68 of credit

The casual rates for outgoing calls, texts international data sim europe, and data usage are the lowest I have found so far. A lot of the rates for incoming calls are high.

The data bundles? Their website is stuck in an infinite loading loop and is not working for that page.

So, is it worth it?

Our gut tells us no. You shouldn’t base your decisions on what a stranger has to say. Our gut tells us no.

WorldSIM in review doesn’t feel like an international sim card worth purchasing, especially in comparison to other international sim cards.

Every traveller needs a single thing. Every traveller needs one thing. Some travellers don’t know they need it, but others do. This is a forgotten essential of the backpacker life. You have to click the button to find out.

There are international data sim cards for digital nomad.

Are you a turn-of-the-century generation that doesn’t call people online for commenting on their posts? If you want to avoid being ripped off, get an international data card instead of a local one.

These are the best international data sim cards for those who don’t need the extras.

The best data card for international travel is KeepGo.

KeepGo’s international data sim card comes out on top in terms of reliability. To reiterate, this is a data-only travel card, but in the world of messaging and other services, an international data plan is more than sufficient to keep you covered in your travels.

Coverage is good for KeepGo World. There are more than a hundred countries with locations in Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, and others. Coverage for less-frequented locations is weak, so this may not be the best option for those who prefer their destinations rugged and untamed.

KeepGo only advertises unthrottled 4G connections in countries that have 4G.

How it Works

The KeepGo worldwide sim card has 1 gigabytes of data loaded on it. If you top up at least once a year, the data will be valid for a lifetime. It is still pretty good.

Data can be topped up with a variety of plans. Data top-ups are priced.

So, is it worth it?

This isn’t the cheapest international data card, but it is the best for the purpose of getting connected on the road. The reliability and speed of a large number of destinations makes it possible for you to travel for 6 months to a year. One of the best pre paid international sim cards on the market.

Pricing alert!

KeepGo is cutting their rates. It is unclear if it is a temporary sale or a permanent price. The new rates are as follows:

A simple data card for travel.

Surfroam doesn’t give out pre-paid data packages, doesn’t give out contractual mumbo-jumbo, and doesn’t run out of data when you’re done with pooping.

Afghanistan and Yemen are covered with data only. What should I do?

How it Works

You can top-up the credit for 15, 25, 50, and 100 and you will be charged a pay-as-you-go rate per megabyte. That is cheaper than a KeepGo data roaming sim card.

While this will be a cheaper option in Europe, it may not work out in other places. Most places are cheap and tend to beat KeepGo.

For the best coverage of location profiles, you will need to purchase a Surfroam PRO account for 100.

There is a physical travel sim card that has the same data rates as the eSIM, which is 20.

So, is it worth it?

It might be stretching it upon reflection, but once you are gone, it explodes. You will need to stay on top of the rates if you are jet-setting a lot.

Surfroam will be the cheapest international data sim card you can purchase if you choose to do so. It is the simplest choice for staying connected.

The cheap but restricted international data sim card is #3.

Trying to decode the GigSky international data plans does not bode well for the recommendation. It seems like it comes out cheaper than KeepGo.

How it Works

unlocked phones and devices that have eSIM support can use the GigSky sim card for world travel.

  • The iPhone 11, XS, and XR
  • Apple iPad Cellular
  • Supporting Windows 10 devices
  • Google Pixel 4, 3a, and 3

There is support for more than one device, including those running the operating system.

You will need to buy an international sim card for GigSky to use. You will need to download the GigSky app to set the sim up.

The plans are purchased in different ways. Tailoring your international sim card plan to your travels is possible with global plans.

The prices vary by locale, but they are cheaper than KeepGo.

A lot of regional data plans can net you 5 gigabytes for 30 days for just $50, while global plans will give you 3 gigabytes for 60.

So, is it worth it?

This is a cheap card for data if you meet the requirements. The coverage of countries is nowhere near that of Surfroam, and the restrictions may not work for everyone.

It doesn’t get a strong recommendation, but it is worth a look for anyone looking for a cheaper option for international data roaming.

#4 Unlimited Data International SIM Card – KnowRoaming

The main selling point of the KnowRoaming Travel sim card is that it covers calls and texts. The KnowRoaming international sim card is one of the few on the market that offers unlimited data and it is the only one we could find.

In more than 125 countries, KnowRoaming has coverage for unlimited data, while the roaming sim card extends to over 200 countries for voice, texts, and pay-as-you-go data.

How it Works

You can buy a KnowRoaming international sim card in three different ways.

The most limited option is the eSIM. There is a physical travel card. There is a sticker on your home sim card that sticks to it. We don’t get it either.

Rates for calls, texts, and data are on a pay-as-you-go system that varies for each country. It is a good idea to check the rates, as Australia and Jordan have very different prices.

How about that unlimited data plan? You can get it for just one day or three days.

So, is it worth it?

The choice for unlimited data for those that need that service on the road is what this card is for. The pricing for unlimited data is expensive, but I like the business model.

You can skip the unlimited data costs on your days off if you buy a 1 or 3 day pack. Not giving a cheaper pack is weird.

Orange Holiday Zen/Europe is the best international sim card.

Are you on a holiday in Europe and need a sim card? You are covered by orange.

  • Orange Holiday Zen SIM Card
  • Orange Holiday Europe SIM Card

How it Works

Light usage is what the Orange Holiday Zen is for. It is simple to use and it is perfect for travelers in Europe.

You get 8 gigabytes of data, 30 minutes of calls worldwide, 200 texts, and all lasting for 14 days. The Holiday Zen does not cover all of Europe, but it does cover 30 countries. This makes it one of the best European SIM cards.

The Orange Holiday Europe takes all of that and just adds 20 gigabytes of data, 120 minutes, and 1000 texts. The coverage of countries is the same as before.

The cards can be topped up online.

So, is it worth it?

I wouldn’t call it “30 countries in Europe”, but it’s a simple choice for anyone travelling to Europe for a holiday. It will keep you safe in an emergency and you can have a cell phone ready when you land.

You will have a consistent connection with Orange. There is no constant check of the rates calculator. Any traveller heading to Europe can use this card.

Is the best travel pack ever? The nomad-approved Nomatic Travel Bag is our favourite pack of all time. Why are we so fond of it? Then read the full review for the inside scoop.

A Review of the International SIM Cards

There is a table for a summary.

It’s not the cheapest, but it’s less expensive for Zone B destinations and more expensive for more expensive ones.

GigSky is $10 cheaper and has unlimited data in 190+ countries, but you have to pay for KnowRoaming.

GoodYay 30 European countries are included in the Orange Holiday Europe price.

Should You Buy an International SIM Card?

Depending on how you travel If you know how to buy a local sim card, then I don’t worry.

However, for the people who travel a lot, an international sim card is a must. If you are that person, then you know that.

OneSim is the go-to travel sim card for people looking for reliability. KeepGo is the best option for those who want the best data card.

If your job requires you to binge the streams, KnowRoaming has the international sim card with unlimited data and texts.

In a foreign city, it’s important to skip the lines. You can buy one of the best international sims and have yourself connected before you land.

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