Phone Plans – The Newbie Guide

Phone Plans – The Newbie Guide

It is a good start to have a phone with you. If you keep using up your international minutes for texting, surfing and internet share, your phone bill will soon be very high. Getting a local phone contract and broadband should be on your list of things to do.

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Which one should I get for my phone plan? When most of the information is in Swedish, finding the right phone company is difficult. We are here to help with the list.

Phone plan top list

The phone plan top list is here. Check out what fits you the best.

Good coverage, more expensive end of the scale.

  • 99% of the Swedes are covered by their net. This can mean that it covers where you live. You may want to hike up a mountain.
  • After a year, you can swap your phone for an old one.
  • When you travel, you can bring 100 GB.

Monthly plans from 4G up to unlimited start at about 219 Swedish crowns.

  • Free calls, sms and mms within Sweden
  • No binding period for subscriptions

Cheap, decent coverage, no fixed monthly periods.

  • Uses Telenor network
  • There is no period of notice if you use the monthly plans.
  • The unused internet data can be saved up to a year.
  • You can stop the monthly plan if you leave Sweden and come back again.

The packages start from 3GB up to 100GB with generous discounts for the first 4 months.

Good prices for students and entrepreneurs are determined by the price. If needed, great options for internet data.

  • Uses Tre network
  • You can choose between monthly plans and cards.
  • You can use the money when you need it.
  • For the first 3 months, the plans start at 24 Svelte and go up to 100 Svelte.
  • 25 gigabytes is their most used plan.
  • Discounted plans for students!
  • Works on Tele2 network
  • Offers family subscription
  • Discounts for the first month!
  • Moving and Mini subscriptions to have extra GB
  • Real customer service
  • Effort towards environment
  • Cheaper options for 65+

There are contracts that are either free or free for a certain amount of money.

  • Free calls and free surf
  • Free sms and mms
  • Easy payment by card
  • No fixed contracts
  • Change subscription form at any time
  • Keep your number or change if you want

If you don’t have a personal number, Comviq may be a good choice.

  • Comviq has 8 gigabytes of EU-surf and 50 international minutes for 175 a month, without a personal number or Bank ID.
  • They also have good deals for students
  • Pressbyrn has shops where you can refill your card.

The list is useful for you. If you’re looking for broadband, this is another list.

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